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Statement Pendants


Welcome to the medium to large evolving selection of statement pendants. The character of Leland Blue is alot like people—available in many shades, sometimes porous vs smooth, with tiny veins of changing color and layers either translucent or solid, and at times revealing creases after polishing. We allow the slag we have discovered and polished express its own shape through our process. Being more than 135 years old, the historic slag is just darn cool and represents a slice and place in time.

Petoskey stones are 350 to 400 MILLION years old! We only list the most interesting and beautiful pieces we have come across. The contrasting pattern of the petoskey stone visually engages and speaks of a world long ago.


Color can vary with lighting, but we have done our best to keep it accurate. Measurements are provided in some cases include the longest points with the bail included in the height. Or, a photo for ratio to a penny may assist in some cases. Bails and chains are all stainless steel for strength and to prevent color change over time.