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  • Is Leland Blue rare?
    Is is relatively rare. Leland Blue Stone can be moderately expensive compared to similar man-made gemstones.
  • What metal does the jewelry use?
    Unless otherwise noted in the description of the piece, all metal is stainless steel so that it won-t tarnish like silver and is hypoallergenic. Although stainless steel can contain nickel, it is still considered a hypoallergenic metal.
  • Where do you find Leland Blue?
    We find Leland Blue along the beaches around the harbor of Leland, Michigan and in the water.
  • Is slag glass found in other areas than Leland also called Leland Blue?
    No. Leland Blue is only found in Leland—along the beaches or in the water. More than 100 years ago, between 1870 to 1884, the Leland Lake Superior Iron Company operated an iron smelter north of the mouth of the river. Leland Blue is the slag waste product that was dumped into the water.
  • Is Leland Blue a stone?
    It is not a stone. It is slag glass or a glass-like by-product left over after iron ore has been separated (i.e., smelted) from its raw ore. The light teal colors are the softest and will crack left out side in the winter.
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