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About Us

Our story and obsession started about 12 years ago with the discovery of our first piece of Leland Blue—although it was actually purple and white—I almost threw it back into the water! My daughter was just itty-bitty then playing along the beach. Growing up in Northern Michigan, I was use to finding petoskey stones. It's quite easy for me. But this white and purple slag glass fueled the flame to know more about this beach treasure…


From 1870 to 1885, iron ore was mined in Northern Michigan and shipped to the Leland Lake Superior Company. Leland Blue is slag glass, a by-product of smelting iron ore, that was pushed to the harbor as waste. It ranges in colors of blue, purple, gray, and green and washes up on the shores of Leland. 

…We have spent hours looking for blue as a family since that first finding. My daughter has become quite the "blueing shark". She started wire wrapping it two years ago and selling pendants, earrings and rings. We've shared ideas about evolving the art form and asking many “what ifs…?” to reveal the slag glass vivid richness—including utilizing other Northern Michigan beach treasures such as petoskey stones and beach glass. 

Together, in spring of 2020 we took the process further—instead of just talking about it—with polishing and increasing the overall quality and beauty to create these irresistible pieces that are each one of a kind. This site is our home online collection of favorite pieces and is where we will continue to cultivate creativity with beauty.

Have a Blutiful day!

Jill and Shelby

This is a start of something new, from something old, that may or may not be blue. 


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