This arrangement has a geometric abstraction artistry to it. Hand selected memories from Leland in the form of two polished Leland Blues paired with cobalt blue clear barch glass in a stainless steel locket (to contain the treasures). Locket is reversible to reveal a smooth side and engraved edge side. Size of metal locket is roughly 1 1/4" diameter and 3/16" high .


Note: do not shower with and wear locket to swim in. Not water proof.


A piece of Leland's history dating back to 1885 when the by-product of the iron ore was pushed to the harbor. Slag glass now washes up to shore and is what we call Leland Blue in shade of blue, green, purple and grey.



Leena Locket

  • Made with a stainless steel  locket with glass and comes on with a stainless steel chain.